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What services does PG Design provide?
I offer you Complete Web site Design, Web Graphics and/or Logo Design, Banner Advertisements, Domain Name Registration, Moving a site between Hosts, Search Engine Submission, Photo Scanning, Photo Imaging for the Web, Active Web Pages - Order Forms...And More!

How is PG Design's services and products offered to the consumer?
I offer my services to you in 3 economical packages. Each one individually tailored in size to meet the needs of your products or business. I also provide free consultations for customers that need more for their business and/or website than what is provided in my 3 packages. For more information on these packages click here. For a Free Consultation Click Here.

How do I order?
You can simply fill out my easy questionaire, providing me with as many details of your business as possible, and what package you are interested in. I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. I do require 50% of your package price down before any graphic or website samples are created. If you like the samples given, that 50% will be applied towards your full payment. If you decide that my services are not right for you, then you will be reimbursed 50% of that initial fee.

How long does it take to process an order?
After I receive 1/2 down, I will provide 2 samples of graphics for your site. Once one is chosen, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete your site, providing you submit your information in a timely fashion (including verbage, pictures, etc). Scanning of photos is provided at $1 per picture.

Do you provide ecommerce solutions?
Yes, I can provide several different options for your ecommerce if needed. Personal sites usually do not require ecommerce solutions. Business sites will require ecommerce options to succeed. Please note that any fees incurred by accepting credit cards at your site are not included in any package fees.

What if I don't like the results of my samples?
No problem! If you don't like the results of the samples made, then you don't have to order and you will be reimbursed 50% of your initial down payment. This is why PG Design does not require full payment up front! You must be totally satisfied before you make your purchase.

Can I pay using a credit card?
Yes, or you may send a money order or personal check.

Please note that if paying with a personal check, there will be a 10 day grace period before any services will be done to ensure validity.

Do you provide services for taking care of sites after they are complete?

Yes. If you decide that you would like me to take care of your site after it is complete, the costs for the services vary, depending on the tasks. To learn more about those services and fees, Click Here. If you would like additional pages to your site, it is $15.00/page and $.50/graphic.

Will my site be included in your portfolio?
Most definitely, with your permission, of course. If you wish not to be included, please let me know in advance.

Where will my site be located?
PG Design will accomodate to your hosting needs and set your site up anywhere you wish, as long as that host supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol - how your web site pages will be uploaded into your host). This decision will have to be made before any design services are renderred.

What if I want to register a domain name for my site?
It approximately $15 (prices may very) and is not included in some package prices. This will be invoiced seperately by your domain name provider. The $15 fee includes one year. You can specify this in the questionaire that's been created for your convenience.

What forms of advertising are included when I purchase my site?
It will be included in PG Design's portfolio and you have the option of having PG Design submit your site for you. The fee is $10 per submission. It usually takes approximately 3-5 weeks for your site to be indexed in most search engines or directories. PG Design will not be held responsible for this period of time. You may also advertise your business anywhere else you wish. It's your business!

My site is getting tons of visits but there are no buyers. Why?
PG Design does it's best to market your site, but it is not responsible for buyers, or lack of buyers. That all depends on your products and/or services provided.

I am ready to get started. What all do you need from me?
It's easy to get started. Get all of your details together, such as where you want your site hosted, the details and description of your business, will you need a shopping cart, when you would like to have your site completed by and so on. Don't worry if you don't have or know all those details. I can help you out along the way. Then, just fill out my easy questionaire, submit your down payment and you will be on your way to having your site up and running...for millions of people to visit!!








































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